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Author: Cheryle Nye   Date Posted:18 April 2017 

CResults Hydrating Renewal and the Moisturising Day Cream. I have suffered from rosacea for most of my adult life and the only cream that keeps my skin calm and reduces redness, itching and all the other issues that comes with rosacea is your CResults Hydrating Renewal and the Moisturising Day Cream.

CResults Australia Pty Ltd. is a skin care company inspired by the desire to offer a unique, honest and affordable skincare range. With the natural active ingredients of pure, cold pressed, certified organic Manuka Honey.  Each product has been designed with the purest of additives to enhance the results, feel and performance of the products.

Manuka Honey is derived from the Leptospermum Scoparium, a native tea tree of New Zealand that has been tested for the claims of extraordinary activity, as published by the Waikato University New Zealand. Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey naturally hydrates, softens and creates a more radiant youthful looking skin. Natural pure Manuka Honey is the jewel and the soul of the products we produce and all the goodness we want to give back to you.

…..Our products are rich in Australian Kakadu Plum extracts, Macadamia oil, natural vitamins and minerals, certified organic, tested Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil.

Genuine Manuka Honey is only available from New Zealand. CResults chooses only premium, quality honey products from selected apiaries. We only use East Cape unique Manuka Oil because it’s tested for its high active properties. The Cowthron Institute concluded that East Cape Manuka oil was 20 - 30 times more active than Australian tea tree oil against gram positive bacteria and 5 -10 times more active on fungus.

Manuka Honey receives world wide publicity, due to its unique properties and benefits; we believe there is a growing demand for Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey skincare products in this growing market.

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