About Us

CResults Australia Pty Ltd. - Manuka Honey Skincare  Pure Manuka Honey skin care 100% Australian owned and manufactured.

We have 3 hand crafted skin care product ranges for you to choose from.
CResults Manuka Honey Skin care
Bee Products skin care
“M “ Manuka Honey Skin care
A full skin regime for all skin types including sensitive skin

The results are spectacular. Using raw pure Manuka Honey in very large quantities is unique to CResults Skin Care.


All of our skin care products are designed in Australia and developed in Laboritories in Melbourne.
Micro tested and packaged in Melbourne. 
We export around the world.  All certifications available, our export team is experienced in the logistics of exporting Skin care and Manuka honey. 

CResults Australia is 100% owned and manufactured in Australia. We take great pride in the integrity and quality of our products being as close to nature as safely possible, using only the highest grade ingredients. CResults Australia believes it is important for the health and well being of our bodies and skin to minimise exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

CResults skin care has been designed with the purities of additives to enhance the results, feel and performance of the products, rich in Bee Products UMF certified 100% organic, cold pressed Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil, Australian Kakadu Plum (high concentrations of Vitamin C), Macadamia Oil and pure Jojoba oil.
CResults pure, Manuka honey is collected from the remoteforests of New Zealand where it is free of pesticides, chemical traces, drugs and antibiotics not only safe to eat, but also helps keep our planet healthy.

Our unique formula is a wonderful breakthrough in skin care. Manuka honey is an active ingredient that has the ability to analyse the skin’s condition and delivers results every time you use it. We have had clients that have travelled world wide and been able to keep using our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivering a healthy more radiant skin. These rich hydrating ingredients help combat the premature signs of aging, creating a balanced environment, for all skin types, male and female of all ages, aiding the skin's natural instinct to repair.


CResults Skincare products have been designed to harmonise the human spirit with the energy of nature. To inspire an ethical and a natural progression of success for the future of our Independent Consultants, customers and the future of CResults employees.

To create a safe, honest, affordable, natural skin care range that delivers results and contributes to the visual delay of aging. delicious, pure, active Manuka Honey is good for the whole families’ well-being.

CHERYLE NYE Director/ Founder 

Inspired by 18 years experience as a director of Manuka International, the original importers of pure Manuka Honey into Australia through their Bee Products brand, combined with 28 years as a successful beauty therapist and salon owner, I saw the potential for everybody to have a skin and body care product that delivered results. To ensure that everybody has the opportunity to experience our unique skincare products, we offer personalised education and skin consultation by a CResults qualified Consultant